Hey!!! It's Unique Adams, 18 years of age, and single. I'm a drag queen at Dalton, i'm nice, sassy, and pretty much a damn diva! I love Beyonce, Lady GaGa, The Spice Girls, and RuPaul. Mystique Summers-Madison was my first drag inspiration, as she is my cousin. Jake and Sammy are my best guy friends, along with the 3 Stooges: Fish, Chips, and Potato. Mess with them, and my nails will mess with your face! Think you're better than me? Let's talk girl. Got a question? Mama U got you, ask away. Thanks love!!!


Feelin’ Fab

Y’all, i’m feelin’ pretty good. I just am SO in the mood to meet more people though, so here we go.

Hey, my name is Unique Adams and girl, I Am Fierce.